Saturday, October 29, 2011

Favorite Literary & Writing Quotes

In the future, I will be including my favorite literary and writing quotes in this blog. For all 19 quotes to date, see "Older Posts" on my Facebook wall. For the most recent quotes, see Writing Words...Notes & Quotes for Authors on Writing, Editing & the Literary Life.

Inspiration for Book Authors

In my business,, most of my author clients come to me with completed first drafts of their books. We then focus on polishing each manuscript and taking it to successful publication.

At the heart of the publishing endeavor are ideas that once clamored to be turned into words on pages. But as every book author knows, starting to write and carrying on to the end present no small challenge. Here is a link to 25 Insights on Becoming a Better Writer, compiled by Jocelyn K. Glei. Whether you are struggling with the beginning of your first book or in the throes of your umpteenth, these insights will inspire and re-inspire you to forge ahead.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

All about Book Editing

Anyone who writes a book and gets it conventionally published will encounter at least one editor, and typically two or more, during the production phase of getting published. Such editors may be working in-house or as freelancers contracted by the publishing house. Whether working in-house or freelance, book editors employed by publishers have varying levels of authority and perform different tasks--everything from acquiring manuscripts and providing creative input on the work to doing line-by-line copyediting and proofreading to ensure that the published books are as correct and editorially consistent as possible. Authors who are prepared for the different kinds of editing they will encounter are the ones most likely to go through production without undue stress.

The popularity of self-publishing has created a further demand for freelance book editors who are employed directly by the authors themselves. The boom in self-publishing has led to some productive and rewarding collaborations between authors and editors. Many other authors, however, have ended up disappointed by editors who are unqualified for book editing and whose fees are out of proportion to the services they are able to provide. It is therefore important for self-publishing authors to learn about the functions and desirable qualifications of freelance editors in general before they hire any particular ones for themselves.

This autumn, the main Helping You Get Published website features an article, "Meet Your Destiny," that will introduce conventionally publishing authors to the kinds of editors they are likely to encounter. Two other articles and a video will provide self-publishing book authors with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions when hiring freelance editors.

Click here for the "all about editing" feature articles and video...