Monday, June 13, 2016


On behalf of writers and their role in culture and society  . . .

I have spent my life living in a world where doctors and lawyers and chartered accountants and business owners and electricians and plumbers and so on . . . matter—really matter—whereas writers are these dreamy, impractical types who lack street smarts and, as some suspect, a proper work ethic. Of course it's true that when you're sick or have a burst pipe, no one matters as much as a doctor or plumber. And now, when it comes to enriching our lives, thanks to a wonderful initiative by the Writers' Union of Canada, writers publicly matter too—really matter.

#WhyWritersMatter is a worldwide campaign spearheaded by the Writers' Union of Canada (TWUC), with the support of the Authors Guild (US) and other professional writing and related organizations. The initiative, launched in conjunction with the inaugural Canadian Writers Summit taking place June 15–19, 2016, in Toronto, is asking readers and writers around the world to think about why writers matter in today’s world, and post responses on social media under the hashtag #WhyWritersMatter. You do not have to be a Writers' Union member or author to join the #WhyWritersMatter conversation on Facebook and/or Twitter and/or all your other social media. You just have to value writers!

As a book author myself, member of TWUC, longtime advocate for writers (at—and, not least of all, an avid reader—I am pleased to contribute my words and images to this celebration of writers.

Writers connect us . . . Please watch the video below:

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