Saturday, March 4, 2017

The ABCs of Book Writing: Series introduction

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Most things, including book writing, begin with the basics.

This blog series is about those basics that apply specifically to creating a book. It is about how—at the most fundamental level, from A to Z—effective books are started, get written, and develop a better than-average-chance of successful publication.

In this series, I am not offering a comprehensive guide to discovering your voice or polishing your style or plotting a novel or composing your memoirs or writing commercial nonfiction or getting published. Rather, this series will be a mix of insights, reflections, a few personal anecdotes, and some practical advice about creating a functional, commercially viable book—pretty much any sort of book. Throughout this series, I will be trying to shed light on both the pleasures and pitfalls, the successes and shortcomings, that typically go with writing a book. While there are all kinds of books (and diverse authors producing them), my aim is to focus on what is most likely to be the common experiences and demands that many authors face, regardless of their genres or intended readers. My wish is to smooth your progress along what I have observed to be the bumpiest stretches of road on the way to successful book writing and publishing.

Starting next week, articles will appear weekly here, in the Helping You Get Published blog,  and I will share them via links on my main Helping You Get Published website and in the following social media:


As much as the content allows, articles will include supporting infographics and/or other visuals.

Books on Writing & Publishing by Patricia Anderson, PhD
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In writing this series, I am thinking mainly of the first-time book authors who may be approaching the start, and each subsequent stage, of the book writing journey with an uneasy mix of hopefulness and uncertainty. I also suspect that many authors who are not beginners, but who have gone a long while between books, and/or may be changing genre, might find these ABCs to be a useful refresher course. In fact, I am, myself, at work on a series of ebooks on writing and publishing—which will elaborate on what I do not cover in this blog series. I hope to release at least the first three of these ebooks by the end of 2017 or early in 2018. Not only is this my first attempt at writing several books at once, but I am doing so after a hiatus from book writing and while I continue to do my long-standing day job of manuscript assessing, book editing, and literary consulting.

From this point onward, we'll navigate the writing process and the book trade together. From A to Z—from the awareness of wanting to write a book, to zeroing in on publication opportunities—this blog series is for you. And no less for me.

Coming next week . . . "A is for ASPIRATION"

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